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UNC Clean Tech Speaker

Gabriele Onorato

Gabriele Onorato
Principal and Chief Agronomist
International Farming Corporation


Gabriele Onorato is a Principal and Chief Agronomist for International Farming Corporation. Gabriele is an agronomics specialist, managed the largest contiguous farming operation east of the Mississippi and has had direct farming experience for agricultural lands on multiple continents. He is an expert at maximizing farm returns and minimizing risk through combining direct farming with various rent structures on a single property. He is also an expert in farm management and is a Certified Professional Agricultural Engineer, a Certified Crop Advisor, and a licensed Crop Consultant. He is a member of various state and national agricultural societies and associations, and is on the Integrated Pest Management committee at North Carolina State University. A frequent lecturer at agricultural and farm management seminars, he has published multiple articles in trade publications pertaining to advanced farm management techniques. Gabriele has consulted on large agricultural projects in the U.S., Russia, Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina and Italy. Fluent in English, Spanish and Italian, he holds a degree in Agricultural Science, Summa Cum Laude, from University of Sassari, Italy.