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UNC Clean Tech Speaker

Fabio Albano

Fabio Albano
Vice President of Technology


Dr. Fabio Albano is Vice President of Technology at NantEnergy, Inc. (formerly Fluidic Energy), where he oversees the company’s research and development of advanced battery technologies for large-scale energy storage. He brings extensive experience in battery technology to lead a team that is focused on expanding the performance and efficiency of NantEnergy’s range of rechargeable metal-air batteries based on proprietary cathodes, electrolyte materials, and manufacturing methods.

Prior to joining NantEnergy, Dr. Albano was Vice President of Battery Systems at Fisker Inc., a manufacturer engaged in the development of fully electric vehicles. He also has served as the Chief Technology Officer of ZAF Energy, a Zn-air and Ni-Zn battery manufacturer in Montana using novel manufacturing approaches to 3D electrodes. He was the Chief Scientific Officer of XALT Energy (formerly Dow-Kokam) from 2013 to 2016. He also acted as a founding member of EPS (2011) and Sakti3 (2007), a solid-state Li-ion battery manufacturer acquired by Dyson for $90M in 2015. Dr. Albano is responsible for more than 30 domestic and international patents and publications, and has invented materials recipes for cathode, anode and solid electrolytes. Dr. Albano received his Ph.D. and Master degree in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Michigan.