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UNC Clean Tech Speaker

Doug Calaway

Doug Calaway
Your Local Greens


Doug is an entrepreneur who has served as Chief Executive/Chief Operations Officer in multiple industries including start-up, early-stage, IPO, international, and Fortune 500 companies. He has extensive experience in M&A expansion, securing equity capital, sales/cash flow elevation, and systems integration, and was twice nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year by Inc. Magazine.

YLG Partners, Inc. (doing business as Your Local Greens) is a privately held start-up company incorporated under North Carolina law. The company is entirely owned by 47 individual investors as of January 2019, following 5 successive rounds of fundraising (no institutional or venture capital participation).

Your Local Greens operates an indoor climate-controlled farm in Burlington, NC. This facility, the first in a series of hydroponic vertical city farms to be owned and operated by the company, will produce a higher volume and large variety of greens, including lettuces, herbs and micro-greens, than other hydroponic or field grown producers. All produce will meet or exceed organic standards, and the facility has been certified by the USDA as meeting Good Agricultural Practices. Retail customers are expected to include Publix, Whole Foods, Fresh Market, Harris Teeter, etc., and wholesale sales to major national and regional fresh produce distributors will extend the availability of the company’s products into local and regional restaurants, universities, healthcare institutions and others. The company will scale up quickly in the US and globally and will train and employ special needs individuals as part of its workforce and pay them a living wage. YLG is in a strategic partnership with Signify Lighting of the Netherlands (formerly Philips Horticulture LED).