UNC Clean Tech Speaker

Dany Qian

Dany Qian
Global Vice President
Jinko Solar


Dany Qian is a Global Vice President of JinkoSolar, the world’s largest solar panel manufacturer. As part of Jinko’s leadership team, Dany has extensive experience on scaling businesses in the solar industry and led the execution of JinkoSolar’s market positioning strategy through the company’s transformation into an industry leader. As an industry veteran, Dany has first-hand exposure to the turbulent nature of the solar industry and has directed the company in navigating through rapid industry changes.

As a leader of the world’s largest solar panel manufacturer, Dany has been very active in the global sustainability conversation and is one of the most widely recognized executives in the solar industry. In 2017, she was invited to deliver an address at the 9th BRICS Summit and co-chaired the B20 Energy, Climate, Resource & Efficiency task force and handed the task force’s recommendation to Angela Merkel, the chairwoman of the G20 summit.

More recently, Ms. Qian has been invited to speak at the Asian Clean Energy Forum hosted by the Asian Development Bank (“ADB”), the Annual Meeting of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (“AIIB”), and World Bank-Singapore Infrastructure Finance Summit hosted by the World Bank Group and the Singapore Ministry of Finance, where she shared her thoughts on how the arrival of solar grid parity is driving demand and business model innovation within the renewables sector.

She was also the only Chinese solar industry representative to be invited to C0P 21 held in Paris and delivered a speech at the conference “Low Carbon Action for Chinese Entrepreneurs” at China Corner.