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UNC Clean Tech Speaker

Carl Wilkins

Carl Wilkins
Executive Advisor, Vice President, Distribution & Asset Operations
Quanta Technology


Carl L Wilkins, PE, Executive Advisor, Vice President, Distribution & Asset Operationshas extensive experience in the electric utility industry serving in a variety of managerial, research, and consultative roles working with electric & gas utility companies. Combining experience in engineering, sales, marketing, and project management with applied technical skills, he brings a wide array of talents to the Distribution and Asset Operations team. His team performs grid integration studies for distributed generation projects and distribution planning studies, including load forecasting. His team also supports a myriad of projects from hosting capacity, reliability improvement, grid modernization, distribution operations, DER system impacts, data analytics and electric transportation. Carl’s team has led several projects related to T&D storm hardening assessments and emergency preparedness plans for large electric utilities. Carl has led benchmarking studies on distribution and transmission maintenance and construction practices.

Carl served as the Director of Utility Services at Advanced Energy where he managed senior management relationships and the delivery of energy efficiency and renewable energy services to electric utilities. He has worked with utilities in areas of smart grid, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, policies to address climate change and environmental sustainability.

Carl was the chief architect in the design, coordination, and development of North Carolina’s green power program, NC GreenPower, the first state-wide green-power program where all electric utilities in North Carolina agreed to collaborate and use one marketing campaign.