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2022, 2023 Cleantech Panelist Speaker

Bryan Cheong

Director of Programs and Strategy

The Global America Business Institute (GABI)


Bryan Cheong is the Director of Programs and Strategy at GABI. His primary focus is the development, planning, and execution of GABI’s programs and all other related activities, covering a wide range of clean energy R&D and related policy issues including issues related to hydrogen production, storage, and usage in decarbonizing heavy industries. Mr. Cheong has an extensive background in research and data analytics. He has strong knowledge and experience in developing, designing, conducting survey projects and data analyses on various topics. Mr. Cheong has also authored reports on various subjects including advanced nuclear, space nuclear, hydrogen, U.S.-Korea civil nuclear energy cooperation, wind & solar, electric vehicles, blockchain,  and more. He has published and co-authored briefs and articles on the topics of green hydrogen and nuclear-hydro