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UNC Clean Tech Speaker

Bill Throndset

Bill Throndset
Senior Manager, BioAg Fermentation
Novozymes North America


Bill has spent many years working in R&D on clean energy projects in Biotechnology.  He completed his doctoral studies at Manchester University, UK, on improving fungal strains that enable more efficient conversion of biomass to ethanol.  Later, he worked on improving the enzyme components of laundry detergents – resulting in new products that clean as well in cold water as the previous generation of products did in warm or hot water. According to Bill, “If all washes in the US were done in cold water the energy savings would be the equivalent of the annual electricity expenditure of about 4 million households.”  In 2014, he moved to the RTP area to join Novozymes and help start up their BioAg activities in the region.  He currently leads a team of fermentation scientists producing natural microbes for improving crop harvests.