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UNC Clean Tech Speaker

Alessandra Smolek Braswell

Alessandra Smolek Braswell
Stormwater Staff Professional


Dr. Alessandra Braswell is a stormwater consultant with WithersRavenel, a Triangle-based civil and environmental engineering firm. She received a Ph.D. and M.Eng. from North Carolina State University in Biological and Agricultural Engineering and a B.Sc. from University of Florida in Agricultural and Biological Engineering. Her graduate-level research concentrated on stormwater management in the urban environment. At NC State, she developed two models (PermPave HyPerMod and a hydraulic retention time model) that now form the basis behind new NCDEQ guidelines for stormwater crediting. She has also instructed stormwater design workshops throughout North Carolina and Ohio on topics including green streets, permeable pavement, and modeling SCM function under future climate scenarios. At WithersRavenel, Dr. Braswell specializes in sustainable stormwater management plans including LID strategies and also provides design support for general stormwater management plans, flood studies, and stormwater master planning.