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UNC Clean Tech Speaker

Adam Fischer

Adam Fischer
Transportation Director
City of Greensboro


Adam Fischer is a proven leader in the transportation industry with over 30 years of experience solving community wide multi-modal transportation issues. He has been the transportation director for the City of Greensboro since 2009 and is responsible for planning and implementing numerous high profile transportation improvement projects throughout Greensboro, North Carolina. Currently, he manages the Greensboro Department of Transportation (GDOT) including 83 full-time GDOT employees and 264 full-time contracted public transportation employees with a total annual budget of $30 million. Adam oversees all long-range transportation planning activities for the Greensboro metropolitan area and serves as Chair of the TCC. Moreover, he oversees development of the City’s comprehensive long-range bicycle and pedestrian plan (BiPed), where they are working towards the goal to install 75 miles of bike lanes over the next 5 years and over 100 miles of sidewalks over the next 10 years. Adam is responsible for public transportation activities and manages the $23.6 million public transportation budget through the Greensboro Transit Authority (GTA). He is developing the “Get on Board 2040” long range transit plan that will guide future transit investments over the next 20 years. Of specific note, Adam developed a strategy to replace the entire fleet of 50 diesel buses with all electric buses. The first 10 all-electric were delivered starting November 15, 2018 along with 500 MHz quick charge station and new solar panels at the Depot to offset bus recharging impacts. These were the first electric buses in the state of North Carolina. He secured $1.9 million dollars in low-no competitive grant from FTA and a $450K competitive grant from Duke Energy to support electric bus replacement.