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Managerial Accounting Services

As a principal investigator primary with, or affiliated with, the Institute, you will be given access to your award in the InfoPorte system.

IE post-award staff will also provide you, if you wish, with Excel-based reports covering your IE-administered award. These will be provided on the basis you wish, which can be monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

Management of the Award

The same IE post-award representative who provides reports about your award will assist with management of your award and will be the contact with OSR, and with the HR personnel in IE and other relevant units, with regard to your award. Your post-award representative will also act as your liaison with others in IE, such as our events manager and communications director, who may work on activities related to the program funded by your award. This representative will assist you with award management matters. You will receive an email from the Institute outlining this assistance in more detail when your project is funded.

You will have a back-up post-award representative in the event you need service when your primary contact is away from the office. All IE post-award representatives will have out-of-office voice mail and email messages when they are away from the office.

Managing the Award Relationship with the UNC Office of Sponsored Research (OSR)

Just as is the case with proposals, the Office of Sponsored Research plays a large role in post-award management of grants, contracts and sub-contracts. IE post-award staff will assist with the relationship with the OSR post-award staff.