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GSA Environmental Consulting
Professional Service Schedule:
899 1-Environmental Consulting Services
Contract: 47QRAA18D00CA

The UNC IE Advantage!

As a recognized environmental consultant, the UNC Institute for the Environment (IE) is leading UNC’s world‐renowned environmental community in developing solutions to these critical challenges. In doing so, it educates future environmental leaders and engages with the people of North Carolina and the nation to address and solve environmental challenges. IE’s Center for Environmental Modeling for Policy Development (CEMPD) is a team of research faculty and scientists with a strong reputation in emissions, meteorology, and air quality modeling.

IE has an infrastructure in place with the Community Modeling and Analysis System (CMAS) Center. Under a cooperative agreement and earlier contracts with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the University of North Carolina’s Institute for the Environment has hosted the CMAS Center since 2001. IE performs CMAS activities within four main components: emissions and air quality model development, research and applications, user support and training, and outreach for the broader stakeholder community. IE has ongoing and active support for the  EPA’s Office of Research and Development (ORD) and Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards (OAQPS), besides other federal agencies including the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Federal HighWay Administration (FHWA) among others.

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Period of Performance: July 15, 2018 through July 14, 2023


Sarav Arunachalam
Deputy Director & Research Professor
UNC Institute for the Environment
100 Europa Dr., Suite 490
Chapel Hill, NC27517
P: (919) 966-2126
Mr. David Paul,
Executive Director
Office of Sponsored Research
104 Airport Drive Suite 2200
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-1350
P: (919) 966-3411
Fax (919) 962-5011


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