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Rocky Mountain Atmospheric Nitrogen and Sulfur Study

CEMPD is working with the National Park Service Air Resources Division to study the causes of haze and acid deposition in Rocky Mountain National Park. As a participant in the Rocky Mountain Atmospheric Nitrogen and Sulfur (RoMANS) study, we are furthering our understanding of the origins of emissions currently affecting ecosystems and visibility in the Rocky Mountain region of Colorado and exploring how emissions controls or reduction strategies can help mitigate pollution effects.

Sponsored by: National Park Service (NPS)

Western Regional Air Partnership Regional Modeling Center

As the lead of the emissions modeling effort for the WRAP RMC, CEMPD supported regional haze SIP development for states in the Western U.S. We provided technical and regulatory guidance on emissions sources, data, and modeling systems to the WRAP states and tribes as they prepared regional haze SIPs.
Sponsored by: Western Regional Air Partnership (WRAP)