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Education is an integral part of CEMPD’s mission. Our education program encompasses professional training courses on operational atmospheric modeling, conferences that convene environmental scientists from around the world, undergraduate and graduate level university courses, and technical support for air quality modeling. Global in scope, our education program recognizes that air quality issues must be addressed on an international scale. The objective of our education program is to create a global workforce skilled in a common framework for studying and discussing air quality issues.

cmas_trainingCMAS Training

The air quality modeling training program at CEMPD has trained hundreds of scientists throughout the world on how to use meteorology, emissions, chemistry-transport, and benefit models for studying air pollution formation, transport and health impact. With over a decade of experience in teaching classes worldwide, CEMPD trainers are internationally recognized as leaders in the field of operational training for air quality and emissions modeling. From standardized introductory hands-on modeling courses to customized visiting scientist programs, CEPMD offers a range of educational opportunities for all levels of air quality scientists. Learn more


The annual CMAS Conference brings together hundreds of atmospheric scientists from around the world to discuss current and emerging issues in air quality modeling and analysis. Our speciality workshops gather targeted groups from the atmospheric science community to advance the state of the science through collaborative research and education. Learn more | View slideshow from 2015

cmas_user_mapInternational Reach

As internationally recognized experts in meteorology, emissions, and air quality modeling, our scientists travel the globe teaching short courses and workshops. Our in-house training program also draws scientists from around the world to engage in our collaborative approach to learning. Learn more

outdoor_classUNC-Chapel Hill Courses

Our scientists teach undergraduate and graduate level courses at the University of North Carolina through the Environmental Studies and Environmental Sciences curricula. We also provide guest lectures on atmospheric science to several other Departments on campus. Learn more

cmas_bannerModeling Support

As the host of the CMAS Center we are the central clearinghouse for air quality modeling software, data, and technical support. Our web-based help desk and email listservs connect the global atmospheric science community to experts in meteorology, emissions, and air quality modeling and analysis. Learn more

visiting_scientistVisiting Scientist Program

Our Visiting Scientist Program presents customized educational opportunities and provides a collaborative context for experienced atmospheric scientists to visit CEMPD and work with our training and research staff for extended periods. Ranging from a week to several months, this Program is designed on a case-by-case basis to engage our scientists in specific research questions presented by visiting members of the air quality modeling community. Learn more