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Public Science and Internship Coordinator; Lecturer, Environment, Ecology and Energy Program
(919) 966-7238
Center for Public Engagement with Science


Megan Lane is the public science and internship coordinator for the UNC Institute for the Environment’s Center for Public Engagement with Science (CPES). In her current work, she develops and implements environmental health outreach with public health and housing professionals across the state, including GIS-based analysis of potential environmental health hazards. She also coordinates quarterly meetings for the NC Lead and Healthy Homes Task Force and co-directs the EcoStudio, an internship hub for undergraduate students looking for experiential education opportunities with a focus on sustainability and the environment. Lane also serves as the research translation associate for the UNC Superfund Research Program (SRP), engaging key state and federal agency stakeholders, and developing innovative communications and educational materials for a range of environmental science and health topics. Furthermore, Lane maintains the CPES website pages and manages a number of other websites relating to the Center’s work. Professional Focus Experiential education, community outreach, research translation, internship management, program evaluation


MEA, Environmental Assessment, North Carolina State University, 2018 B.S., Environmental Science, North Carolina State University, 2014

Selected Publications

Little, S., Pavelsky, T. M., Hossain, F., Ghafoor, S., Parkins, G.M., Yelton, S.K., Rodgers, M., Yang, X., Crétaux, J-F., Hein, C., Ullah, M. A., Lina, D. H., Thiede, H., Kelly, D., Wilson, D., Topp, S. N. (2021). Monitoring Variations in Lake Water Storage with Satellite Imagery and Citizen Science. Water. 13(7), 949. Ahmad, S.K., Hossain, F., Pavlesky, T., Parkins, G., Yelton, S., Rodgers, M., Little, S., Haldar, D., Ghafoor, S., Khan, R., Shawn, N., Haque, A., Biswas, R., (2020). Understanding Volumetric Water Storage in Monsoonal Wetlands of Northeastern Bangladesh. Water Resources Research, 56. Pavelsky, T.M., Ghafoor, S., Hossain, F., Parkins, G.M., Yelton, S.K., Little, S.B., Topp, S.N., Rodgers, M., & Yang, X. (2019). Monitoring the world’s lakes: Progress from citizen science and remote sensing. Environmental Management Magazine.