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Research Assistant Professor
(919) 966-2224
Center for Environmental Modeling for Policy Development


Professional Focus
Emissions Modeling, Air Quality Modeling, Atmospheric Chemistry, Ambient Monitoring and Epidemiology

National Professional Air Pollution Control Engineer, Korea, 1996
Republic of Korea National Army, 1990-1992

Member, Air & Waste Management Association
Member and Committee, American Society Agricultural Engineers

2005-Present  Research Associate, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2005 – 2005    Research Associate III, Colorado State University
2002 – 2005    Research Scientist, Texas A&M University
1998 – 2002    Research Assistant, NC State University


Introduction to SMOKE


Ph.D. Atmospheric Science, North Carolina State University, 2002
M.S. Air Pollution Modeling, Kangwon National University, South Korea, 1998
B.S. Environmental Science, Kangwon National University, South Korea, 1995

Selected Publications

Parker, D., Rhodes, M., Koziel, J., Baek, B.H., Waldrip, H., Todd, R., (2016) Urease Inhibitor for Reducing Ammonia Emissions from an Open-lot Beef Cattle Feedyards in the Texas High Plains. American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE), Applied Engineering in Agriculture, 32(6), 823-832.

Ran, L., Loughlin, D., Yang, D., Adelman, Z., Baek, B.H., and Nolte, C. (2015) ESP 2.0: Enhanced method for exploring emission impacts of future scenarios in the United States – Addressing spatial allocation. Geoscientific Model Development, 1175-1787.

Choi, K-C, Woo, J.H., Kim, H.K., Choi, J., Eum, J-H, and Baek, B.H. (2013) Modeling of Emissions from Open Biomass Burning in Asia Using the BlueSky Framework. Asian Journal of Atmospheric Environment, 7(1), 25-37.

Arunachalam, S., Davis, N., Baek, B.H., Shankar, U., Talgo, K., Yang, D., Hanna, A.F. (2012) Guidance for quantifying the contribution of airport emissions to local air quality. ACRP (Airport Cooperative Research Program) Report, 71.

Woo, J.H., Kim, K.C., Kim, H.K., Baek, B.H., Jang, M., Eum, J.H., Song, C.H., Ma, Y.I, Sunwoo, Y., Chang, L.S., Yoo, S.H. (2012) Development of an anthropogenic emissions processing system for Asia using SMOKE. Atmospheric Environment, 58, 5-13.

Choi, K.C., Woo, J.H., Kim, H.K., Hwang, A.M., Baek, B.H. (2011) Estimation of Daily Biomass Burning Emissions in 2008 using the Bluesky Framework. Korean Society for Atmospheric Environment, 5, 122-132.

Levy, J., Woody, M., Baek, B.H., Shankar, U. and Arunachalam, S. (2011) Current and Future Particulate-Matter-Related Mortality Risks in the United States from Aviation Emissions During Landing and Takeoff. Risk Analysis An International Journal, DOI: 10.1111/j.1539-6924.2011.01660.x.

Woody, M., Baek, B.H., Adelman, Z., Omary, M., Lam, Y.F., West, J. and Arunachalam, S. (2011) An Assessment of Aviation’s Contribution to Current and Future Fine Particulate Matter in the United States. Atmospheric Environment, 45, 3424-3433.

Arunachalam, S., Valencia, A., Yang, D., Davis, N., Baek, B.H., Dodson, R. (2012) Comparing Monitoring-based and Modeling-based Approaches for Evaluating Black Carbon Contributions from a U.S. Airport. Air Pollution Modeling and its Application XXI, 619-623.

Arunachalam, S., Wang, B., Davis, N., Baek, B.H. and Levy, J. (2011) Effect of Chemistry-Transport Model Scale and Resolution on Population Exposure to PM2.5 from Aircraft Emissions during Landing and Takeoff. Atmospheric Environment, 45, 3294-3300.

Choi, K.C., Woo, J.H., Kim, H.K., Jung, H.S., Yu, S.H., Baek, B.H., Jang, M.S., Lee, S.J. (2009) Development of a Biomass Burning Emissions Modeling/Processing System in East Asia. Korean Society for Atmospheric Environment, 10, 144-152.

Woo, J.H., Choi, K.C., Kim, H.K., Jung, H.S., Yu, S.H., Baek, B.H., Jang, M. (2009) Impacts of Emissions Information Improvements on Regional Air Quality Modeling – A Case Study. Korean Society for Atmospheric Environment, 10, 197-198.

Todd, R.W., Cole, N.A., Nolan Clark, R., Flesch, T.K., Harper, L.A., Baek, B.H., (2008) Ammonia emissions from a beef cattle feedyard on the southern High Plains. Atmospheric Environment, 42, 6797-6805.

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Baek, B.H., Koziel, J.A., Spinhirne, J.P., Parker, D.B., Cole, N.A. (2004) Estimation of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide fluxes from cattle feedlot in Texas. Journal of American Society of Agricultural Engineers, Transaction 034111.

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