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Opportunity Overview

Carolina’s environmental faculty have deep expertise and broad focus. There is a capacity to accelerate that research into action-oriented outcomes. Significant advances frequently result from exploratory research directed toward problem-solving.

For a gift of $5 million, the Coastal Research Accelerator will devote funds to faculty whose research programs are poised to target improved environmental outcomes. Similar endowed research programs at the university generate new purpose-driven research every year, particularly in medicine and the applied physical sciences. Accelerator funding is the only barrier to similar success in the environmental arena.

Targeted requests for research and engagement proposals will be generated by a committee each year. Applications must focus on coastal environmental challenges in North Carolina. Funded faculty will generate actionable data and disseminate information to identified stakeholders. This will result in valuable new information to address the state’s most pressing issues. All faculty who indicate the intention to submit proposals will be invited to a workshop to advance the translation of conservation and environmental research into practice.

At the end of each year, the donor will receive an impact report from the committee and the selected faculty teams.