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Directions to Highlands Biological Station

Tour & Walk/Hike of the Highlands Biological Station with Jason Love and Jim Costa

Thursday, October 6

2:00 p.m. to no later than 4:00 p.m. (leaves plenty of time to get ready for the evening social!)

We will split into 2 groups and have guided tours of the Highlands Biological Station to include the trails and botanical gardens. During the hike, learn about the Station’s history, community outreach, science, and ongoing work at the HBS to include the IE Highlands Field Site. Difficulty level is easy.

The Highlands Biological Station (HBS) is a multi-campus center of Western Carolina University consisting of academic research, teaching, and residential facilities as well as a Nature Center and a 12-acre native plant botanical garden. The HBS is primarily University-supported, with additional funding provided by grants, program revenue, and the non-profit Highlands Biological Foundation, Inc. The HBS mission is to foster research and education focused on the rich natural heritage of the Highlands Plateau and southern Appalachian Mountains (

Dr. James Costa, HBS Executive Director

Jim has been a professor of Biology at WCU since 1996 and director of HBS since 2006.  He has a dual BS in Biology and Philosophy from SUNY-Cortland, and holds an MS and PhD in population genetics/entomology from UGA.  He teaches biogeography, ecology, and evolution, and his research and writing interests range from insect ecology and behavior to Darwin, Wallace, and the history of evolutionary thought.

Jason Love, HBS Associate Director

Jason has extensive experience working at a variety of ecological research facilities and now as the Associate Director at HBS. He has a BS in Forest Resources from UGA and a MS in Wildlife and Fisheries Management from West Virginia University. Jason leads multiple research and monitoring efforts at the Station and is an accomplished naturalist.

Directions to Highlands Biological Station