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Biology & Earth/Environmental Science
Sustainability & Carbon Footprints
*These lessons have been selected to be part of the Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network (CLEAN) and are aligned with the Climate Literacy Essential Principles and/or Energy Awareness Principles and passed through an extensive peer-review process to verify the accuracy and currency of the science.
DNA & Epigenetics
  • DNA Wrap: Packaging matters (Lesson | Slides)
  • DNA Methylation & Cadmium Exposure in utero (Lesson | Slides)
  • Investigating the Exposome: Vinyl Chloride Exposure, DNA Damage & Repair (Lesson | Slides)
  • Investigating Prenatal Arsenic Exposure & Altered Gene Expression (Worksheet)
  • Obesity-associated breast cancer risk: a role for epigenetics? (Lesson | Slides)
Additional resources, including teacher PowerPoint slides, can be found here.
Healthy Homes
Lead Exposure & Pregnancy
Skin Cancer & Breast Cancer
Biology & Earth/Environmental Science
Water Quality

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An Assessment of Capacity and Resource Needs of North Carolina Watershed Programs

The UNC ERP conducted a needs assessment of North Carolina watershed organizations to identify existing watershed programs and resources, assess and document resource gaps and geographical coverage, and better understand program needs and networking opportunities. This assessment was made possible through partnerships with the Water Resources Research Institute, Watershed Education for Community and OfficialsDivision of Water Quality (NC DENR), and Triangle J Council of Governments.




Webinars & Podcasts

2015 Clinical Lead Training | featuring: Ed Norman, David Eldridge & Lakieta Sanders
2015 Clinical Lead Training | featuring: Kate Mason, Tena Hand & David Brown

Protecting the Vulnerable
Using CDC’s 2010 Lead & Pregnancy Guidelines to reduce lead exposure at the earliest stages.

Skin Cancer Research and Clinical Application
Learn about emerging science on childhood sunburns from a pediatric dermatologist and UNC cancer researcher.

NEW! Understanding Bioavailability of Arsenic and Lead in Soils at Hazardous Waste Sites
Learn how bioavailability can affect people’s exposure to metals like arsenic and lead.

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