Flooding NC resulting from Hurricane Matthew (Charlotte Observer)
Flooding in North Carolina (Charlotte Observer)

Damage from Hurricane Matthew has left many North Carolinians in need. In response, the UNC community is making an effort to provide relief and recovery to those affected by the hurricane. Below is a preliminary list of state and federal resources, including our UNC community.

Please send information about additional relief needs or resources to Megan Rodgers at merodgers@unc.edu.

UNC Relief Efforts

State Resources

NC Department of Human Health and Services (DHHS)

UNC Center for Environmental Health and Susceptibility (CEHS)

  • Enhancing Community Capacity: Understanding and Mapping Community Environmental Health Impacts of Hurricane Matthew (Preliminary Report)
  • Mold and Moisture Fact Sheet (English | Spanish)
  • Green Cleaning Fact Sheet (English | Spanish)

Federal Resources

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): Learn how to protect your health when you return home after a flood.

National Center for Healthy Housing (NCHH): A Field Guide for Cleanup of Flooded Homes.

US EPA Flood Cleanup to Protect Indoor Air Quality: How to remove contaminants and reduce moisture.