Energy Literacy Fellows Program

This year-long professional development program will showcase current energy science, technologies and careers to enhance Energy Literacy Fellows’ ability to deliver energy-related content, conduct STEM-based activities and promote STEM career opportunities to students. Fellows will interact with diverse scientists and industry representatives to receive up-to-date, curriculum-relevant content and engage in hands-on, inquiry-based activities designed to support learning about energy. For more information, contact Dana Haine at dhaine@unc.edu or 919-843-5735.

ERP_teachers with netsExPLORE NC

ExPLORE NC is a year-long teacher professional development program designed to engage 4th and 5th grade teachers in hands-on, inquiry-based activities integrated across content areas that will prepare them to incorporate current, place-based and outdoor instruction into their classrooms, sparking their students’ interest in conservation and environmental stewardship. Teachers interact with scientists, historians and environmental educators as they study the river basins of eastern NC during a summer institute and two weekend retreats and engage in an online learning community. For more information, contact Sarah Yelton at sarah.yelton@unc.edu or 919-966-0895.

 Public Health and Housing

ERP_baby with bunnyNC Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

ERP staff, in partnership with local health, housing and community-based programs, coordinate free lead trainings based on request. Each 60-90 minute training includes hands-on activities and educational materials suitable for community audiences. Some topics covered in the training include emerging sources of lead exposure (including spices, folk art, and recalled toys), information on pregnant women’s exposure, practical steps to take to limit children’s exposure, and resources available to public health professionals and lay audiences. For more information, contact Neasha Graves at neasha_graves@unc.edu or 919-966-3746.

ERP_asthma boy with frameEnvironmental Asthma Triggers Training

This 3-hour training provides information on indoor and outdoor exposures that exacerbate asthma and allergies and strategies for health professionals to communicate with their patients about eliminating or reducing those exposures. Educational tools and materials can be used with populations of varying literacy levels to help them understand current environmental health research about asthma and allergies and its implications for their daily lives. Participating professionals will practice communication of this information in role playing exercises. For more information, contact Neasha Graves at neasha_graves@unc.edu or 919-966-3746.

ERP_dust mite discussionHealthy Homes for Community Health Workers Training

This 6-hour training informs health professionals of the seven principles of healthy homes and provides solutions for addressing environmental health hazards in homes. This training is most appropriate for professionals who conduct home and clinical visits and may be in a position to identify and advise residents/families on the no/low-cost solutions for addressing such hazards. Participating professionals will conduct a mock home assessment and practice communication of this information in role playing exercises. For more information, contact Megan Hughes at meganhughes@unc.edu or 919-966-2463.

ERP_cehs healthy homes training5 Steps to a Healthy Home Training

This 2-hour workshop for professionals and community audiences is an introduction to healthy homes concepts, with particular focus on lead, mold/moisture, indoor air quality, pests and home safety. This training can also be tailored as a longer “train the trainer” session for informal educators and health professionals who have a stronger knowledge of healthy homes concepts and want to use our Healthy Homes training module pieces (presentation slides, fact sheets and hands-on activities) in their own outreach to community audiences. For more information, contact Megan Hughes at meganhughes@unc.edu or 919-966-2463.