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For 2022, this course will be offered through Study Abroad and will have a different cost/payment structure.

This is an estimate of costs that you will incur if you register for this class. These costs are associated with our class trip to St. John, US Virgin Islands during Maymester 2022. We stay either at the Cinnamon Bay Campground or at a campground at Neptune’s Lookout at Historic Estate Susannaberg, and we travel by open air safari taxis to a different snorkel spot every day.


  • Study Abroad fee
  • $650 – $800 (estimate) for camping and meal plan (if applicable) (paid prior to departure)
  • $500 – $700 (estimate) for airfare (You will book your own flights, but should match to instructor’s schedule)
  • $250 (estimate) for day trip taxis
  • $150 (estimate) for chartered boating excursion 
  • We also require students to purchase a travel-sized fish ID book. We will provide a link Estimated cost: $30

Fixed Total: $1800 – $2200

Equipment/Other Charges

  • $50 – $150 for snorkeling equipment (you can share books and borrow equipment, but make sure your snorkeling equipment fits you well, or you’ll get blisters on your feet from ill-fitting fins and water in your mask from ill-fitting masks)
  • $50 – $100 for a skinsuit or wet suit jacket. Skinsuits are light, full-body suits that will help you avoid getting burned by the sun and getting stung by fire coral and other poisonous underwater hazards, while wet suits will provide warmth if you get cold in the water easily.
  • $200 – $300 spending money for meals, souvenirs, etc. This would include taxi rides to/from town during personal time. You can save a lot of money by not eating out and walking to town. Most students bring lots of food with them.

Variable Total: $300 – $600

Summary: You can expect to spend between $2100 – $3000 on this trip and for the class (and a once-in-a-lifetime experience!).