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Jason Carter, 7th/8th Grade Science Teacher, Evergreen Community Charter School

Paul H. Gantt, Project Lead The Way Coordinator, Burke County Public Schools

Daniel Glaze, 9th-12th Grade Environmental Science and Biology Teacher, Grimsley High School

Renee Jones, Earth and Environmental Science Teacher, West Harnett High School

JD Jorgensen, Digital Learning and Teaching Facilitator, Onslow County Schools

Annie Lee, Information and Communications Specialist, NC Air Awareness, Division of Air Quality

Ruthann McComb, Environmental Science Teacher, Elkin High School

Pamela Perry, 6th-8th Blended Learning Math Teacher, Granville Academy

Emma Refvem, Doctoral Graduate Student, North Carolina State University

Denise Weinhoeft-Renfro, Director, Academy of Green Technology, Douglas Byrd High School

Jason Carter, 2017 Fellow

7th/8th Grade Science Teacher, Evergreen Community Charter School

Jason Carter is in his 19th year as an educator. He currently teaches 7th and 8th grade science, but over the years he has also taught middle grades math and social studies and served as a middle school administrator. Along with this experience, Jason is a Fulbright Teacher for Global Classrooms honoree and a Science Ambassador for the National Center for Science Education. His work in the NCSE includes developing curriculum for teaching climate change along with delivering professional development on this curriculum. He also assists The Science House Mountain Office in providing workshops on integrating literacy and STEM. He enjoys weaving literature, games, engineering design, citizen science, and a global lens into science curriculum.

Paul H. Gantt, 2018 Fellow

Project Lead the Way Coordinator, Burke County Public Schools

Paul H. Gantt has been in technology and engineering education for 15 years.  Before coming to education, Paul spent time in the restaurant industry, construction, and manufacturing, allowing him to bring real-world perspective to the educational arena.  As a member of Burke Partners in Education and the NCSSM Education Advisory Council, Paul is active in promoting hands-on learning opportunities in the areas of science, technology, and engineering.  He hopes to use his strengths to give students engaging hands-on, real-life opportunities to explore energy systems of the future.

Daniel Glaze, 2017 Fellow

9th-12th Grade Environmental Science and Biology Teacher, Grimsley High School

Since 2005, Daniel Glaze has taught AP, IB, and Honors Environmental Science at Grimsley Senior High School. He has also taught Biology and Astronomy courses to all high school grade levels. He participated in a NASA-funded grant program in 2011 and 2012 to develop research conducted at NC A&T University into high school and middle school curriculum. In addition to the Energy Literacy Fellows advisory committee, Daniel serves on the advisory committee for the NC Sustainable Forestry Teachers’ Academy run through the Forestry Extension Office of NC State University. He also serves on the Grimsley High School Leadership Team. Outside of formal education, Daniel works with his local Boy Scout program developing programing for their ecology and conservation programs, as well as their youth leadership development programs.

Renee Jones, 2020 Fellow

Earth and Environmental Science Teacher, Western Harnett High School

Renee Jones teaches Earth/Environmental Science and Physical Science at the high school level. Although Renee has been a teacher for several years, she did not start exclusively teaching science until about 5 years ago. She is passionate about the sustainability of our planet and how to be a better steward to combat global climate change. Currently, Renee is working on her master’s degree in sustainable tourism and management with the hopes of fusing her love of travel with her teaching career and academic background.

JD Jorgensen, 2018 Fellow

Digital Learning and Teaching Facilitator, Onslow County Schools

JD Jorgensen is an instructional technology facilitator at a middle school in Onslow County, where he helps teachers and students use technology in ways that amplify student voice, address equity, and increase student achievement. Before this, he taught Earth and Environmental science for 6.5 years at a high school in Onslow, where he sponsored S.E.A. Club, a STEM extracurricular focused on environmental issues, and sponsored a team of talented young women in S.E.A. as they competed in KidWind competitions at the regional and national levels. JD holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies from UNC-Asheville and a Master of Arts in Instructional Technology from East Carolina University. In addition to being a part of the 2018 ELF cohort, he served as a student volunteer for the Newport office of the National Weather Service during Summer 2017, served as a member of the GOES-R Education Proving Ground, participated in the 2013 NC Climate Fellows Program, and served as an intern for NEMAC.

Annie Lee, 2018 Fellow

Information and Communications Specialist, Division of Air Quality, Department of Environmental Quality

Annie Lee spent seven years teaching high school Earth and Environmental Science and Biology in rural eastern North Carolina. Upon moving to the Triangle, Annie taught 8th grade science for two years before taking a job with the Department of Environmental Quality. Annie holds a master’s degree in scientific literacy, a field that works to design strategies to build a scientifically literate society. In addition to being a 2018 Energy Literacy Fellow, Annie participated in the UNC Climate Fellows Program in 2012. Recently, she was trained in Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project Leadership Corps and currently works in the Division of Air Quality in informal education and teacher support.

Ruthann McComb, 2017 Fellow

Environmental Science Teacher, Elkin High School

Ruthann McComb is a renewed National Board Certified Teacher and has taught Earth and Environmental Science, AP Environmental Science, and Physical Science in North Carolina at New Bern High School and Elkin High School for 23 years. She currently serves on the Switch Education Alliance Teacher Advisory Committee, North Carolina NBCT Network Leadership Team, and is an AP Environmental Science Reader for The College Board. Ruthann worked with Citizen Science through the NC Arboretum and was a 2011 UNC Climate Fellow as well as a 2017 Energy Literacy Fellow. She co-founded an Environmental Club at her school and has been the Envirothon Coach for five years. Ruthann loves sharing her passion for the environment and how people can be better stewards of its resources through presentations at science teacher conferences, in her community, and in her classroom. She actively supports conservation efforts across the state and nation and advocates in her school and community for better resource management and outdoor initiatives.

Pamela Ayscue Perry, 2019 Fellow

6th-8th Blended Learning Math Teacher, Granville Academy

Pamela Ayscue Perry is a middle grades certified educator in the areas of mathematics and science. For 23 years, she has served families in Vance, Franklin, and Granville counties. She encourages students to see and learn that mathematics is helpful to visualize science concepts and that they are not isolated concepts. She hopes that her service on the NC Energy Literacy Fellows Teacher Advisory Committee will encourage investment and interest in the students of the Triad region.

Emma Refvem, 2017 Fellow

Doctoral Graduate Student, North Carolina State University

Emma Refvem is a National Board Certified teacher who taught Earth and Environmental Science and AP Environmental Science at Riverside High School in Durham for eight years.  She is now working full-time on her PhD in Science Education at NC State University, researching family science experiences as they influence career choice as well as motivations for people to choose science teaching as a career.  She has worked with the Climate and Energy LEAP programs as a participating teacher, and was a UNC Climate Fellow in 2012.  She has a lot of experience presenting at local and national science teacher conferences, and is now working to bring her teacher perspective to the world of academia.  Her teaching passions include incorporating technology into science lessons, organizing large groups of people with spreadsheets, and capitalizing on the joy and genius of high school students.

Denise Weinhoeft-Renfro, 2019 Fellow

Director, Academy of Green Technology, Douglas Byrd High School

Denise Weinhoeft-Renfro is the Director for the Academy of Green Technology, a CTE academy that helps prepare students to enter the green and global economy with a focus on solar energy and installation.  She also has taught for 26 years in grades 9-12 and five years in the UNC system (as a coach and physical education instructor).  She holds degrees in physical education and physical sciences, and most recently has taught chemistry, physical science, and technology courses in renewable energy and sustainability.  Denise serves on the Board of Sustainable Sandhills and the Board of the Fayetteville Technical Community College Electrical Systems Technology Department.  She leads students in a STEM Weather Balloon Outreach initiative, a community garden outreach initiative, and a renewable energy initiative called Sun Stewards.  She has presented at local, state, regional, and national conferences on sustainable education.