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The Summer Field Program in Siberia begins in the Novosibirsk-Barnaul-Tomsk region of southwestern Siberia, and continues south to the Golden Altai Mountains and surrounding areas.


Students will have the opportunity to:

  • spend 8 days on horseback in the Siberian Highlands
  • ride on the Trans-Siberian Railway
  • trek through breathtaking mountainous scenery with glaciers and giant earthquake scars
  • learn to live on an organic Russian farm
  • learn about the plants, soils, geology, history, cultures, and environmental issues in Siberia.



This trip will run from Jun. – Aug.

Award Opportunities

Please visit the Institute’s Awards + Scholarships page for more information on these awards


Approximately $6400 (with airfare, all inclusive)


Students who sign up for the Summer Field Program in Siberia will take the following courses:

  • ENEC 261: Conservation of biodiversity in theory and practice (3 hours)
  • ENEC 191: Peoples of Siberia (3 hours)
  • ENEC 263: Environmental Field Studies in Siberia (4 hours)

Note that the above courses are crosslisted with ENEC, INTS, and ANTH. Peoples of Siberia and Environmental Field Studies in Siberia are also crosslisted with RUES.


The following faculty are involved with the Summer Field Program in Siberia:

  • Greg Gangi (IE)
  • Mark Sorensen (Anthropology)

Contact Information

For more information about the Summer Field Program in Siberia, call Dr. Greg Gangi at 919-962-9805 or email