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DNA Wrap: Packaging matters
Lesson Plan | Teacher PowerPoint

DNA Methylation & Cadmium Exposure in utero
An epigenetic analysis activity for students
Lesson Plan | Teacher PowerPoint

Investigating the Exposome: Vinyl Chloride Exposure, DNA Damage & Repair
A data interpretation activity for students
Lesson Plan | Teacher PowerPoint | Article in the American Biology Teacher (October 2018)

Investigating Prenatal Arsenic Exposure and Altered Gene Expression
A data interpretation activity for students
Worksheet | Teacher PowerPoint

Obesity-associated breast cancer risk: a role for epigenetics?
An examination of evidence
Lesson Plan | Teacher PowerPoint
Lesson Extension: Candy Model Instructions |Teacher PowerPoint

The Dynamic Duo | Transcription & DNA Damage
Coming soon!

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Teaching Resources

Background Reading

Epigenetics | Genetic Science Learning Center, University of Utah

Epigenetics: Looking beyond our DNA | Horizons in Bioscience – Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB)

Epigenetics: The Science of Change | Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) – 2006

Uncertain Inheritance:Transgenerational effects of environmental exposures | EHP – 2013

Epigenetic Influences and Disease | Scitable by Nature Education.

The Epigenetics Revolution: How Modern Biology Is Rewriting Our Understanding of Genetics, Disease and Inheritance | A book by Nessa Carey

How Epigenetics Works | How Stuff Works


NOVA: Ghost in your Genes
56 minute video (DVD) and companion website

NOVA: A Tale of Two MICE
Audio slide show describing the Agouti mice research featured in Ghost in your Genes

Epigenetics, NOVA Science Now with Neil deGrasse Tyson
Part I Part II

Related Lessons and Activities

Epigenetics: Supplemental materials | Genetic Science Learning Center, University of Utah

Identical Twins, Identical Fates? An Introduction to Epigenetics | Case Study from the National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science at the University at Buffalo – 2012

Epigenetics Game | Oregon Health & Science University