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Lake Observations by Citizen Scientists & Satellites (LOCSS)

With support from NASA, Dr. Tamlin Pavelsky, Associate Professor of Global Hydrology in the Department of Geology, is teaming up with the Center for Public Engagement with Science to gain a more accurate picture of water storage in lakes around the globe. We are enlisting citizen scientists to collect lake height measurements all over the world. These measurements, paired with satellite imagery of lake area, are helping us learn how water storage varies regionally.

Nutrient Management Study

As part of the Jordan Lake Nutrient Management Study, the Center for Public Engagement with Science (CPES) engaged key stakeholders. In the first year, CPES conducted focus groups and interviews with key stakeholders to understand their views on how to best manage nutrients in the lake. In later years, CPES facilitated a series of research symposia, science seminars, and science cafes enabling researchers to share their findings with over 300 stakeholders.


Private Well Protection

In partnership with the UNC Superfund Research Program,CPES increases understanding of harmful environmental exposures such as inorganic arsenic and develop solutions to prevent exposure to these contaminants in well water. Through our work with private well users, we responded to private well contamination in environmental justice communities in NC. Over six years, we tested wells and reported findings to over 1,500 private well users.

Past Projects

NC PFAS Testing Network

The NC PFAS Testing (PFAST) Network is a statewide research collaboration focused on improving understanding of exposure to PFAS chemicals across North Carolina, including testing for current PFAS levels in water and air samples. The Network is led by Dr. Jason Surratt (UNC Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering) and comprised of researchers from UNC-Chapel Hill, NC State, Duke, UNC-Wilmington, UNC-Charlotte, ECU, and NC A&T.

ERP_stream sampleWatershed Stewardship

The Center for Public Engagement with Science, along with its partners, has developed a statewide watershed stewardship network to foster collaboration, cross-training, partnerships and local watershed stewardship capacity in North Carolina. The network aims to foster partnerships among public, private, and nonprofit watershed stakeholders and provides online tools to further connect people and share resources.