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In the United States, fish consumption advisories (FCAs) are issued by government agencies to alert people to the potential health risks associated with consuming fish species that have levels of contamination that could harm human health. Yet research has shown that FCAs are generally not well understood or followed by people who fish.

Since 2009, the Center for Public Engagement with Science has been engaging key stakeholders such as fishermen, regulatory agencies, and local stakeholders to improve communication of fish consumption advisories, particularly where associated with hazardous waste sites. In partnership with NC State University’s Center for Human Health and Environment and Duke University’s Superfund Research Center, we have convened a series of stakeholder meetings to explore challenges to FCA communication in North Carolina, and research effectiveness of potential solutions.

Most recently, the 2019 NC Fish Forum highlighted examples of local and regional FCA communication using innovative approaches implemented by local governments without state agency coordination or leadership. A diverse group of people engaged in various stages of the FCA process participated in the Fish Forum, with goals of: (a) increasing understanding of the current FCA process, (b) fostering greater collaboration among stakeholders, and (c) identifying opportunities to improve existing processes, especially local communication of FCAs.

Slides from Previous Forums

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