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Biology & Earth/Environmental Science

  • Calculating Your Carbon Footprint Worksheet
  • Connecting Electrical Consumption to Coal & Carbon Dioxide Worksheet
  • Evaluating Woody Biomass Options for North Carolina’s Electricity Future* Lesson
  • Exploring Grid Resilience as an Approach to Evaluating Energy Sources & Addressing Climate Impacts Lesson
  • Fueling the Future: Evaluating the Sustainability of Biofuels* Lesson
  • Generating Electricity: Evaluating the Sustainability of Today’s & Tomorrow’s Energy Sources* Lesson

Sustainability & Carbon Footprints

  • Calculating your Carbon Footprint Activity
  • Hidden Energy: Secondary Carbon Footprints Activity
  • What is Sustainability? Activity

Past Programming Resource Pages

*These lessons have been selected to be part of the Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network (CLEAN) and are aligned with the Climate Literacy Essential Principles and/or Energy Awareness Principles and passed through an extensive peer-review process to verify the accuracy and currency of the science.