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Following the interviews, researchers compiled a list of recommendations to improve outreach and protect public health near the study sites. This is a list of general recommendations for engagement at these sites.

Recommendations for community engagement at these sites:

  • Improve warnings about fish consumption in affected areas.
    A no trespassing sign at the Horton Iron & Metal Co. site.
  • Clarify site boundaries and improve signs and information near sites to reduce accidental entry.
  • Address implications of multiple sources and routes of environmental exposures, with a focus on potential water quality impacts.
  • Explain uncertainties about the site and the extent of contamination with stakeholders.
  • Discuss potential impacts to local economies and current and future land use near the site.
  • Use multiple types of media to communicate about the site with community and stakeholders.
  • Given the history of mistrust, collaborate with trusted, local community stakeholders and organizations to relay information and build trust.
  • Communicate with the community and stakeholders throughout the cleanup process, discuss the timeline, progress of cleanup, outcomes of remediation, and possible disruptions to the community.

For more information about the plans for community engagement at each site, please contact the Research Translation Core.

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