“One of the most rewarding aspects of attending the UNC Clean Tech Summit was talking with the students. Their ideas and enthusiasm were energizing and I was thrilled to share my experiences and mentor future leaders in the clean tech sector.”

Richard G. Kidd IV, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army, Energy and Sustainability

“The UNC Clean Tech Summit’s objective to connect students with industry experts was more than achieved. My mentor’s industry knowledge helped me narrow my focus for companies I’ve been targeting. From specialization of the company to corporate culture, she was able to help me analyze the parts of companies that weren’t easily ‘google-able’.“

Trevor Sprague, MBA ’16

UNC Clean Tech Summit Mentor Program  For Professionals

Over the course of the two-day Summit, mentors will meet individually or in small groups with students who have applied for a summit mentor. Each industry professionals is matched with a student from a range of universities based on career path or major preference. Mentors have the opportunity to meet with students who are are pursuing graduate and undergraduate degrees in: STEM, business, engineering, media and journalism, sustainability, and policy and law who are interested in careers in the clean tech economy. Summit mentors provide career advice, thoughts on key experiences in their leadership journey, and help students better understand difference clean tech career paths.

UNC Clean Tech Summit Mentor Program  For Students

Students are matched with mentors through the application process. They will meet individually or in a small group with a mentor over the course of the two-day Summit. This program provides in-person opportunities for students to meet with clean tech industry professionals, learn about their personal career journey, and apply insights to the next steps of their careers through internships or within the clean tech workforce.

There are separate registration processes for Mentor and Volunteer programs:

To apply to participate in the Mentor Program as a student:  Please send an email to cse@unc.edu (UNC Center for Sustainable Enterprise) with your resume and industry of interest.

To volunteer at the Clean Tech Summit:

UNC students who are interested in volunteering for this event, please sign up here. This program is offered through CSE and Kenan-Flagler programs.