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With the rising popularity of the blue tech industry, Mark Huang, co founder of SeaAhead, is one of the driving proponents of the movement. His dedication to networking investors and startups together has sparked a new wave of potential successful companies. Along with his coworkers at SeaAhead, the company focuses on hosting networking events as well as providing a collaborative workspace for people working within the blue tech industry. The company’s main focuses include aquaculture, offshore alternative energy, and greener shipping and ports. As concerns for the oceans rise, Huang describes the general attitude towards the changes as a “tragedy of the commons,” and as a result recognizes the urgency for companies to take charge globally to create a sustainable future with clean technology.

SeaAhead Blue Tech Innovation UNC Clean Tech SummitAs the company is only in its second year, Huang compares the company’s status to the first floor of a house being built. In order to lay the foundation for the company, he has invested deep interest in educating individuals, especially potential investors, about the growing potential in the industry. In the coming years, he hopes to expand his network of startups he supports, along with investors who are interested in the new technologies.

Mark Huang also incorporates sustainable practices into his everyday life. Little things, for example ordering packages from Amazon, can have big impacts. Most individuals do not realize that the environmental effects outweigh the efficiency. The plane that ships it, the machines that package it, and the truck that delivers it all create an energy impact much bigger than you might expect when ordering a two-ounce package. Therefore, he encourages others to be conscious of their actions and remember that even small actions count. The more people that are conscious of their own carbon footprint, the closer the world is to reducing its carbon production.

As a catalyst for positive change, Huang and his co-workers at SeaAhead are making waves in the blue tech industry by connecting investors with startups and helping expand the blue tech industry. Register today for the Clean Tech Summit to learn more about his mission and the new advancements of the blue tech industry!


Alexandra Parvin, Business Administration, Class of 2023