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What can we learn about climate change from the COVID-19 pandemic?

By Iris Chien | Environmental Science and Computer Science, Class of 2022 

With the novel COVID-19 forcing the globe to come to a world-wide stop, there is an opportunity to understand what the world could look like if humans continued to manage their behavior. In the last few months, oil prices have plummeted, pollution severely reduced and various wildlife have returned to cleaner ecosystems. This pandemic has shown a green new reality and taught the world lessons that can be applicable to tackling climate change. Read more


A Smarter American Grid: What is Stopping Us?

By Grace Elliot | Environmental Studies & Public Policy, Class of 2022

Terms like “smart grid” and “modern grid” are unavoidable in conversations about the future of the American electrical grid; but what do these umbrella words mean for the future of utility companies and energy consumers? Cleantech intern, Grace Elliot interviewed Jonas Monast, Assistant Professor at UNC School of Law and former Director of the Climate & Energy Program at the Duke University Institute for Environmental Policy to explore why a modern grid needs a multi-faceted approach. Read more