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We are proud to showcase the talent which fuels the IE Cleantech Program internship for the spring 2021 semester.  This team brings a great sense of enthusiasm and ambition to create and share stories about cleantech innovation – all of which are driving economic impact in our region, throughout the Southeast and beyond. Our student interns turn their interests and ideas into blogs, podcasts, white papers, videos and webinars. And this workforce of the future engages directly with entrepreneurs, founders of startups and executives at global companies – the people who are innovating us all to a cleaner economy and world.


Our Spring 2021 Team

Alyssa Abraham UNC Cleantech Corner Spring Intern

Alyssa Abraham is a sophomore from Atlanta, Georgia pursuing a Business Administration major with minors in Spanish and Sustainability. She is interested in the intersection between businesses and promoting a more sustainable future as well as urban planning and renewable energy. Alyssa is excited to be working at cleantech because she will get to dive deeper into her interests and explore the creativity and innovation around her. After graduation, she hopes to work for a company with strong sustainability values.


Mary-Catherine Gray Cleantech Corner Spring 2021 Intern

Mary-Catherine (MC) Gray is a sophomore from New Bern, NC, pursuing Business Administration, Hispanic Linguistics, and Sustainability Studies. Her passion lies in renewable energy, specifically solar, so she is excited to be working as a cleantech Intern. When MC graduates, she plans on traveling to Spain, and, eventually, working as the Director of Operations at a cleantech company.


Chloe Lind Cleantech Corner intern Spring 2021

Chloe Lind is a first-year student from Mooresville, NC majoring in Environmental Studies on the Sustainability track. She is interested in sustainable fashion/textile production as well as environmental justice. Her passion for creating a more sustainable future for our economy and world has steered her to become a part of the Cleantech Program. Chloe plans to pursue a career in environmental law to protect and represent those who want to preserve our environment, she is passionate about joining the program and looking forward to applying her knowledge of sustainability and learning from others.


Peyton Lindogan Cleantech Corner Intern Spring 2021

Peyton Lindogan is a sophomore Environmental Studies; Sustainability Track and Mathematics double major with a minor in Statistics and Analytics from Beaufort, North Carolina. He is interested in energy policy, especially in regard to the future of clean technology. The Spring 2021 semester will be Peyton’s first time working with the Clean Tech Corner program and he is extremely excited to enrich himself in the environmental sector. Peyton is interested in cleantech because he enjoys learning about new and upcoming technology and how it can embrace sustainability. After graduation, Peyton hopes to work in policy or technology to make a better and more efficient future.


SaschaMedina Cleantech Intern Fall20 Meet the Team

Sascha Medina is a senior from Wilmington, NC, majoring in environmental science and minoring in media & journalism and geography. In the summer of 2019, she studied clean technology in China and South Korea sparking her interest in the subject. This global experience enhanced her understanding of the link between industrial policy and economic strategy while using clean tech as a lens for gaining insight about how innovation advances in these countries. In southeastern North Carolina, fostering clean technology initiatives will help the region reach its sustainability goals. Sascha is passionate about the intersection of environmental science, conservation, environmental justice, culture and social accountability. She is pushing toward a future where her work encourages environmental awareness, compassion, and action.


Sarah Padyk Cleantech Corner Intern Spring 2021

Sarah Padyk is a junior from Sylva, North Carolina majoring in environmental sciences with a minor in media and journalism. During her time at Carolina, she has enjoyed working on the Environmental Affairs Committee of Student Government and advocating for increased sustainability on campus. Sarah Is passionate about environmental communication and is interested in exploring how rural southeastern communities can benefit from the implementation of clean technology. After graduation, Sarah hopes to promote her passions through a career focused on strategic communication for the clean tech industry.


Brenda Palacios

Brenda Palacios Rodriguez is a first-year student from Morganton, NC, majoring in Environmental Studies. She is passionate about educating others on new sustainable, and creative methods for building healthy communities. She joined the Cleantech team in August 2020 and is currently working with colleagues to produce episodes for the program’s podcast series called, Innovating to a Clean Economy. After graduating, she is hoping to pursue a career in environmental design or environmental journalism to help inspire others to undertake environmental stewardship around the globe.


Tatum Pryor Cleantech Corner Intern Spring 2021

Tatum Pryor is a freshman at UNC majoring in Environmental Studies with a Food Studies and Business Administration Minor. She is interested in the manner people regard food from a socioeconomic context, and how this relationship has implications for the future of communities and the environment. Additionally, she is intrigued by urban planning, environmental education, and environmental justice. She hopes to pursue a career in sustainability, particularly in the agriculture sector. This is her first semester interning with the Cleantech Corner and is excited to learn more about sustainable food systems in addition to other sectors of sustainability. She feels it is a great opportunity to promote innovative businesses, new policies (and political leaders), and developing science.


Sara Kent Trollinger Cleantech Corner Intern Spring 2021

Sara Kent Trollinger is a freshman from Winston-Salem, NC. She is majoring in both Environmental Science and Journalism. This is her first semester working with cleantech! Sara Kent is passionate about the intersection of sustainability and technology, particularly when it comes to the agricultural sector. She is also interested in environmental justice in the context of urban planning and development. When she graduates, Sara Kent wants to pursue a career in environmental journalism.