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Transitioning to a Low Carbon Economy                             

March 29, 2022  – March 30, 2022                                                           


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The eighth annual UNC Clean Tech Summit will take place on Tuesday, March 29, 2022 – Wednesday, March 30, 2022 at The Friday Conference Center in Chapel Hill, N.C.  All programming will be in-person with the exception of the virtual career fair and a free kick-off Solar Decathlon workshop for students (registration required).  

The 2022 Summit, “Transitioning to a Low Carbon Economy” will feature in-person keynote and panel speakers, the popular Mentor Match program, 42+ panel and breakout sessions, student workshops, and a virtual career fair (March 31). Both luncheons will feature an all-vegan menu.

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Need hotel accommodations? Use our $139 USD per night group rate at the Courtyard Marriott, steps away from the Friday Conference Center.

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This two-day event will include panels for the following seven (7) tracks:

Green Hydrogen for a Carbon-free Economy

Green hydrogen is a critical component of the global transition to a low-carbon future. Drawing on lessons from Europe and Asia, the 2022 Clean Tech Summit will explore green hydrogen’s potential to decarbonize fossil fuel-dependent industries, such as steel and cement, along with its applications in energy storage, transportation, and synthetic natural gas.

Ocean-centric Climate Solutions 

We will explore the transformative effect of the coming offshore wind off the US East Coast. Some of the panels covered will include workforce development, offshore wind supply chains, floating wind farms and new fuels for maritime shipping that will be products of this offshore wind boom (green hydrogen or derivatives such as methanol or ammonia).

The Global Energy Transition 

Advancements in the technological and political facets of clean energy are crucial for the achievement of a low-carbon future. Some of the topics we will cover in this year’s segment include: new battery technologies, grid modernization, the role of policy, software solutions for grid optimization, how to diversify and secure supply chains for rare minerals, cobaltite, smaltite and lithium ion and other essential inputs for clean technology industries.

Green Finance: Investing in Our Future   

Achieving a low-carbon economy is impossible without the integration and innovation of financial and policy instruments. This 2022 “Green Finance” track will explore how the intersection between ESG investment decisions, policy support, and clean technology will drive a low-carbon future.  

Weaving a Sustainable Future through Textile Innovations

Textiles is one of the oldest industries on the planet. Lately, textiles have seen major innovations that are nudging the industry to create innovative solutions and adopt sustainability within global business models. We will showcase how textile industries in North Carolina and around the world are being challenged to transition to a more sustainable model that includes circularity as a key component of the future of textiles.

The Rise of Alternative Proteins

The alternative protein industry will play an important role in the transition to a low-carbon economy and the search for healthy alternatives. At the 2022  Clean Tech Summit, learn about funding, technology, marketing, and more behind the upcoming field of alternative proteins.


This track will feature engaging conversations about current issues in mobility. We will explore the electrification of transportation and its ramifications for economic development in the Southeast, and for improving public health especially in minority communities that tend to have some of the worst air quality. We will also explore how better urban planning can make us less dependent on single-occupancy cars, create healthier and more livable communities, and how micromobility can contribute to the evolution in how we move.


About the UNC Clean Tech Summit

The event convenes more than 1,000 students, business professionals, international speakers, policy members, and academics for two days of engagement to foster leadership, share new ideas, and bring growth opportunities to the Southeast’s cleantech economy and highlight the advance of clean technology across the globe. 



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