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Artificial Intelligence System Monitors Road Conditions with Triple Bottom Line Benefits

Robocist is a Raleigh-based startup founded in 2015. They are a team of 12 members who have developed an artificial intelligence software system that captures data on the conditions of roads. Their innovative software is able to capture road condition … Continued

Sustainability through Solar Powered Sheep

Can the sum of two things be worth more than the individual parts?  In the case of solar farms and sheep, the answer is yes. The Cornelius based company, Sun Raised Foods is doing just that, using the symbiotic relationship … Continued

Springclean: Repurposing Your Textile Waste

Over the past decade, the textile industry has received a lot of criticism for promulgating “fast fashion” – a term that neatly encapsulates the horrors of a multi trillion-dollar industry built on extractive and exploitative practices. With only 2% of … Continued

FarmShots: Making Farms More Efficient – One Shot at a Time!

FarmShots was founded in 2014 by Joshua Miller, who at the time was still in his undergraduate studies at Duke University for electrical engineering. FarmShots is headquartered in the Research Triangle Park in NC. FarmShots grew quickly and was acquired … Continued

Living Roofs Delivers on Economic, Environmental and Social Sustainability

Living Roofs, Inc. (LRI) is a small company headquartered in Asheville, North Carolina that works to “bring roofs to life.” Founded in 2006, LRI holds the title as the oldest green roofing company in the region. Their team includes landscape … Continued

Arbiom: Paving a New Path for Plant-Based Protein Products

Gone are the days of traditional, animal-based proteins; today, a new wave of plant-based protein prevails.  As the world’s focus on sustainability in the food industry increases, a new alternative protein source is entering the market: protein derived from wood.  … Continued

Connecting the Community to Culture through Black Cotton

Julius Tillery is making cotton farming cool.  As a fifth-generation cotton farmer, Julius Tillery wanted to take his family’s farm and turn it into a trendy, sustainable business.  His idea? Growing cotton for the purpose of art and decor.  “We … Continued

Flux Hybrids: Bringing the Future of Electric Cars to the Present

As hybrid and electric cars continue to rise in popularity, more people are becoming environmentally conscious and realize the impact of their carbon footprint. Transportation comprises a significant amount of the carbon, in 2018, transportation comprised 28% of the United … Continued

Good Solar: Bringing Solar to America One Community at a Time

North Carolina prides itself with its significant amount of solar power, coming in second nationally with 5.8 percent of the state’s electricity generated from solar panels. This profitable, clean energy source, used both at a residential and utility scale, holds … Continued

Student Innovation: An Award-winning Idea

On February 20th, 2020, seniors Olivia Corriere and Zach Walker found themselves on a stage holding a check for $10,000. It all came out of an innovative idea to allow individuals to offset their carbon footprint created from various purchases, … Continued