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Carbon Capture and Management During Burch Cleantech Europe Trip

The Honors Carolina Burch Sustainability Seminar has officially made it to our final week in Europe. With the past three weeks focused primarily on renewable energy and clean technology, we traveled to Oxford to spend our last company visit with … Read more

How Undaunted Helps European Companies Accelerate

Thursday marked the second to last day for the Burch group, and it did not disappoint! In the morning we visited Undaunted, a company that supports innovations to mitigate climate change through knowledge exchange and collaboration. Undaunted’s core focus is … Read more

Green Hydrogen and Sustainability as the Future of Design

The day began with students gathered in the UNC Winston House with coffee in hand. The morning was dedicated to working on a challenging case study paper. We bounced ideas off one another, allowing us to think critically and approach … Read more

Students Experience London with Scavenger Hunts and Tours

Our group waited at the train station to catch a train that arrived in London. It was around dusk that we got back to our flat. On the night of the arrival, we were handed our keys to the apartment … Read more

British History: Impacts on the Environment

After an eventful day of sightseeing, scavenger hunting, and distinctively British experiences, our second day of UK programming saw us take a trip to London’s fantastic Docklands and Transportation Museums. Each of these institutions holds an extensive overview of the … Read more

Burch Student Experiences Reflect Cleantech Scene in Europe

Today started with all of us Burch kids gathered in the conference room of Winston House, UNC’s base of operations here in London. As we crunched on digestives and sipped from coffee cups, groups presented their case studies on topics … Read more

Complexities of the Offshore Wind Supply Chain

Our program had the opportunity to attend the Global Offshore Wind conference in London. Today marked the first day of the two-day program. This year’s conference centered around themes of offshore wind resiliency, grid systems, and supply chains. One of … Read more

Policies and Perspectives of Renewable Technology Overseas

The Global Offshore Wind Conference, presented by RenewableUK, is an annual networking event hosting a variety of panelists from all over the offshore wind industry and market. This year, as a part of the Burch Research Field Seminar in Sustainability, … Read more

Lessons from Day 2 of the Global Offshore Wind Conference

After a long but productive first day at the Global Offshore Wind Conference in London, my peers and I set out on the Elizabeth Line for a second day of attending panels and rubbing shoulders with industry experts. Our opening … Read more

Learnings from the Global Offshore Wind Conference

The second day of the Global Offshore Wind Conference began with yet another fantastic keynote. As with the first day, an MP opened the conference, but this time we got to hear from the other side of the aisle. The … Read more