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IE Cleantech Corner logo Greg Gangi and Kiersten Williams


The Impact of Greenway-oriented Development

Increasing urbanization and the need for denser cities are making developers around the world wonder: how do we revitalize our cities? Greenway-oriented development is the future of mid-sized and developing cities around the world. Dabney Sanders and other members of … Continued

Economic Impact of Offshore Wind Energy in NC Communities

There is no doubt that all economies took a hit as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. Most countries, states, and even individual cities were faced with devastating economic impacts as a result of the necessary lockdowns. Many companies went … Continued

Hello, Green Hydrogen

This is a game-changer. New forms of technology in the energy transition have been innovated at a rapid pace. At the forefront of the innovation is a form of energy storage: green hydrogen. This isn’t the first time hydrogen gas … Continued

Using Pipeline Infrastructure for Hydrogen Hubs, Carbon Grid

While many clean energy solutions focus on new technology and infrastructure, one energy leader is re-imaging its existing pipelines to distribute power capacity using a range of renewable energy and clean fuels. TransCanada Energy, or TC Energy, a leader in … Continued

What to Know About Shell Energy and The Global Energy Transition

Many leading companies in the traditional energy sector are making bold choices to position their companies as leaders in the new energy economy. Clean Innovations in the New Energy Economy   Shell Energy is one of those global companies that … Continued

How Alternative Proteins Help to Solve Environmental Challenges

With the impacts of climate change being at an all-time high, the alternative protein industry needs to play a role in mitigating the environmental impacts of the global demand for protein in order to transition to a low carbon society. … Continued

When Water Infrastructure Fails: PFAS and Eastern NC’s Drinking Water

Over the last decades, access to clean and safe drinking water in the U.S. has become more prevalent in the news cycle. Stories of Flint, Michigan, Inez, Kentucky, and the Navajo Nation have increased the public’s awareness to a startling … Continued

Ending Range Anxiety

Marcy Bauer, senior vice president of program delivery for Evgo joined our IE Cleantech Corner webinar series for “Ending Range Anxiety.” During this webinar, she shared current trends impacting the adoption and accessibility of electric vehicles and charging stations with … Continued

Spearheading Conservation: ENGOs Driving Change, Bonefish & Tarpon Trust

As society transitions into the next decade, it has become increasingly clear that the Climate Crisis is an impossible battle to fight alone. The environmental movement is growing globally as governments, companies, and organizations redirect together towards a green future. … Continued


  From bean to block, Taylor Westbrook is combining fermentation with artistry to create a unique product representative of a more sustainable food-future. Tempeh is a fairly foreign product to American consumers. I came to know it as a lot … Continued