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Sun Raised Foods is a company combining the solar panel industry with animal agriculture to create a sustainable source of meat, while increasing the accessibility of renewable energy.

Located in Charlotte, NC


What problem is the company looking to solve?

The impact of Sun Raised Foods will be to create a meat product that is raised in a sustainable manner while simultaneously helping with the maintenance and upkeep of solar farm grounds.  All of the sheep raised on the farms are Animal Welfare Approved, and the process reduces the carbon footprint of animal agriculture while providing a tasty product to consumers.


What stage of development is the company in?

Sun Raised Foods began selling its products in October of 2019.


What are the company’s most concerning challenges? How will they address these challenges?

As a small business, Sun Raised Foods says that one of the biggest challenges for them is the size of its competitors.  With most meat products coming from large, established corporations, Sun Raised Foods has to create a product that is higher quality and has a better taste than the meat from industrial feed plants.


How does the company expect to scale in the next year? In 5 years?

Sun Raised Foods plans on continuing its operations across the Charlotte area and eventually expanding into other cities in North Carolina, like Greensboro or Raleigh.  The company hopes to double its sales each year in order to continue expanding operations.


Describe the company’s approach to the Triple Bottom Line.

Sun Raised Foods’ mission is to simultaneously improve solar energy access while lowering the carbon footprint of the lamb industry.  The company continually works to improve satisfaction for customers, and they work to minimize their costs while maximizing profits.


Who currently makes up the company’s team?  What gaps, if any, need to be filled?

The team at Sun Raised Foods is made up of 12 local farmers and 3 employees, but CEO Joel Olsen said that they are always looking for new talent, especially young employees who could help to improve their social media presence.  Social media presence is important when marketing a food product, he says, and having interns to expand their brand would be helpful.