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CharGrow creates a line of soil-additives that help to increase the productivity of plants.  The biochar products can be used anywhere from home gardens to large-scale industrial farms. 

Located in Asheville, North Carolina


What problem is the company looking to solve?

The impact of CharGrow will ultimately be to combat climate change through regenerative agricultural methodologies.  The product improves plant function, therefore increasing the growing season of the crops and allowing for more carbon sequestration.  The biochar also provides the crops with more nutrients, creating a more resilient crop with a higher yield.


What are the company’s most concerning challenges? How will they address these challenges?

The biggest challenge that CharGrow faces at the moment is educating consumers.  Many growers don’t know about biochar and its potential benefits to a garden.  It will be hard to grow their consumer base when the product is not widely understood, but they are continuing to educate the market by using test data and partnering with other organizations and institutions in hopes that farmers turn more towards biological practices to improve their crop yield as opposed to chemical means.


How does the company expect to scale in the next year? In 5 years?

CharGrow hopes to increase sales in a variety of markets, from home gardens to large scale agriculture.  Within the next five years, the company wants to partner with agriculture distributors to allow farmers easier access to CharGrow in bulk and receive incentives with bundle pricing.


Describe the company’s approach to the Triple Bottom Line.

CharGrow’s entire existence revolves around a commitment to improving the productivity of crops to create a less environmentally-taxing plant.  The products are good for small growers as they improve yield and quantity and increases revenue for all workers in the production chain.


Who currently makes up the company’s team? What gaps, if any, need to be filled?

As of now, CharGrow’s only team members are co-founders Jon Nilsson and Dominic Taverniti.  They hope to soon expand their team as they increase product development.