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Season 2: Cleantech Solutions from Startups, SMEs and Corporations


Episode 4 – Sustainable Innovations in the Textile Industry

This episode features Emily Neville, founder of Reborn Clothing Co., and Dr. Amy Cooke from UNC-Chapel Hill speaking about sustainable fashion with student guest host, Vivian Le, an IE Cleantech Corner intern. Join host, Kiersten Williams for this podcast episode.


Episode 3 – How Battery Storage is Evolving Our Electric Grid

This episode features David Nenon, a Senior Global Supply Manager for Tesla; Brian Bartholomew, a U.S. Power Analyst with Bloomberg New Energy Finance; and James Robinson, the Energy Storage Project Development Manager for Strata Solar. Together, with Host Kiersten Williams and our student guest host, Norman Xie, we will learn more about battery storage; why we should invest in it now, ideas that rethink the battery supply chain, and the business opportunities from the grid.



Episode 2 – Sustainable Building Matters

This episode features start-up representatives from Cara Green, Living Roofs, and Epoch Rain barrels. Together, along with your host, Kiersten Williams and student host, Brenda Palacios, you will learn about the important benefits of sustainable building practices. These include recycled building materials, green roofing, and rainwater storage using rain barrels.



Episode 1 – Reimagining Agriculture

This episode features Joshua Miller, founder of FarmShots, a satellite imagery provider for farmers; John Battle, co-founder of Your Local Greens, a city farm in Burlington; and Emily Glenn, Director of Business Development at Arbiom, a wood to food biotechnology company. Join us, as our guest student host, Vivian Le speaks with these companies that are all reimagining the future of agriculture.


Season 1: Decarbonizing the Economy

Episode 4 – Transforming America’s Power Grids: One Man’s Quest

This episode features Russell Gold, a Pulitzer Prize nominated energy reporter for the Wall Street Journal and author of Superpower: One Man’s Quest to Transform American Energy. We join him at the UNC Clean Tech Summit where he discusses: themes from his book about transforming America’s power grids; and breaks down the past, present, and future of our relationship with energy.


Episode 3 – Farmers as Innovators: Carbon Farming and Cleantech
In this episode, Kiersten is joined by Matt Russell, a fifth-generation farmer in Iowa and Executive Director of Iowa Interfaith Power and Light. Matt talks about how farmers are using their agriculture techniques and skills to accelerate the carbon, water and nutrient cycles; with a specific focus on capturing carbon from the atmosphere where we don’t want it, and putting it to work in our soils where we do want it. Cleantech and agtech innovations are helping farmers with this new intentional farming practice.

Guest: Matt Russell, Executive Director of Iowa Interfaith Power & Light and fifth-generation farmer


Episode 2 – Innovations from Land to Sea Ag Tech and Blue Tech
Deleted: This episode features cleantech innovations being applied to agriculture and our oceans. Mark Huang, founder of SeaAhead and blue tech innovator shares insights from the 2020 UNC Clean Tech Summit. Additionally, our host Kiersten is joined by guest Susanne Kjemtrup, an agtech consultant who tells us about how technological advancements like precision farming are shaking the foundation of the agricultural sector and igniting trends that will make farming more efficient and sustainable.

Guests: Susanne Kjemtrup, Agtech Consultant; Mark Huang, Co-founder and Managing Director of SeaAhead


Episode 1 – Driving the Electrification of Vehicles – Innovations Happening Now

In the premiere episode of the Innovating to a Clean Economy Podcast, Dan Weekly of Dominion Energy joins our host Kiersten Williams to discuss his work bringing electric batteries to school buses in Virginia, and the implications this has for vehicle-to-grid technology. This episode also features Ryan Decker’s keynote from the 2020 UNC Clean Tech Summit, in which he shares his experience in Audi’s electric vehicle program and his thoughts on the optimistic future of electric vehicles in America.

Guests: Dan Weekly, VP Energy Innovation Policy and Implementation at Dominion Energy; Ryan Decker, Electric Vehicle Operations Lead at Audi of America


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