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Transitioning to a Low Carbon Economy

Here is a preliminary agenda for the March 29-30, 2022 event that includes seven (7) diverse tracks with six (6) corresponding panel sessions. The 2022 UNC Cleantech Summit event will feature two days of keynotes, panel sessions, workshops, a career fair, and more.

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Track: Hydrogen Economy

Where is green hydrogen ready for prime time?

Green hydrogen and industrialization

Methods for moving and storing hydrogen

Decarbonizing the aviation sector

Green hydrogen and the electric grid

Powering freight-based transportation

Track: Global Energy Transition

Interregional Transmission: A Key to unleashing more renewable energy

Green-enabled grid

Building the offshore grid

Critical Minerals: What, where, and why do we care?

Supply chain strategies in times of regulatory and geopolitical uncertainty

Low cost, low carbon energy as an important economic development tool for states

Track: Offshore Energy 

Offshore wind and the mid-Atlantic: the policy backdrop

How offshore wind will drive the production of green hydrogen and coastal hydrogen hubs

State of offshore wind in the world

Offshore wind and economic development

Decarbonizing the world’s shipping fleets

How Great Britain and Denmark are using offshore wind to decarbonize their economies

Track: Alternative Proteins  

2030 and the future of sustainable food

Funding alternative protein

Developing a plant-based ecosystem in the region

Scaling cellular agriculture

Plant breeding innovations for better alternative protein products

Policy in the alt protein space

Track: Green Finance   

Impact investing: From climate tech to deployment

Use of bonds to fund public/private infrastructure

Data-driven and purpose-driven ESG integration

Investing in low income and middle-income markets to address climate change

Blended finance

Financing the energy transition

Track: Sustainable Textiles    

Business models in the textile industry

Supply Chains: Building in resilience and scalability

The evolution of Carolina textiles through partnerships and financing

Transparency in textiles

From Farm to Threads: Carolina grown

Circular economy practices

Track: Urban Planning     

Transportation equity

Federal and State policies driving transportation electrification

Greenway-oriented development


Transit-oriented development

Electric transportation and economic development in the Southeast


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