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Flux Hybrids is a hybrid conversion technology company and is an aftermarket upgrade that will significantly increase vehicle fuel efficiency while reducing a vehicle’s environmental impact and maintenance costs.

Located in Raleigh, NC


What stage of development is the company in? Flux Hybrids was established in 2018. The company is in the development stage.


What problem is the company looking to solve?

Flux Hybrids is looking to improve the large-scale transportation industry by converting vehicles to electric to offer a more sustainable option for fleet managers.  Specifically, the company is looking to make a kit to convert vehicles at a large scale, as well as manufacture kits to car owners.


What are the company’s most concerning challenges? How will they address these challenges?

Currently, the biggest challenges are understanding the customer’s goals and developing a kit around them.  They are still trying to figure out how to make the kits more scalable, and where they would fit into the supply chain operations for the industry.


How does the company expect to scale in the next year? In 5 years? 

In the next few years, Flux Hybrids will become scalable with a larger emphasis on marketing and customer relations after they complete more successful pilot projects. When implemented on a commercial scale, the company will need to expand in order to meet higher demand; to do this, Flux must have a steady supply chain and enough manufacturers to develop the product on a large scale.


Describe the company’s approach to the Triple Bottom Line.

Flux’s goal is to create a sustainable, profitable business. The company will not be a huge tax on the government because the company can run on its own, and it is working to improve the public transportation system in the US by converting buses to electric, which will reduce gas and maintenance costs.


Who currently makes up the team? 

Flux is comprised of four engineers from different disciplines that recently graduated from NC State.  Cody Biedermann is a mechanical engineer and co-founder of the company; August Erhart is an electrical engineer with extensive experience interning in various engineering and consulting positions and focuses on Flux’s technical marketing and sales; Micah Ulrich is a mechanical engineer and co-founder of the company; Clay Dowdey is a chemical engineer and co-founder.