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Springclean is a nonprofit social enterprise whose mission is to create jobs and reduce landfill space by repurposing donated textile materials. The company is currently making hygienic fashion masks to help medical professionals, essential workers, and other private citizens effectively respond to the impacts of the coronavirus.

Located in Charlotte, NC


What problem is the company looking to solve?

Springclean is looking to reduce textile waste in the United States.  In 2017, the U.S. EPA reported that 11.2 million tons of textile material was sent to landfill, so Springclean’s mission is to reduce this statistic by repurposing old textiles into new consumer goods.


What stage of development is the company in?

Springclean is in an early developmental stage.  They have begun pilot projects in the Charlotte region.


What are the company’s most concerning challenges? How will they address these challenges?

The biggest challenge for Springclean is bringing together regional supply chains in a currently fragmented and global process. They need resources to build the local infrastructure, like technology platforms, that enable the connection of donations, sorting, cleaning, and distribution.


How does the company expect to scale over time? The company will begin introducing new items to their product line in Spring 2021 and start educational workshops to train others on the circular economy.


Describe the company’s approach to the Triple Bottom Line. 

Springclean operates on the mission to provide people jobs in the circular economy while also reducing waste and encouraging recycling.  With the profits made with product revenue, the company can afford to pay their artists a livable wage.


Who currently makes up the company’s team?  What gaps, if any, need to be filled?

The team is currently made up of: CT Anderson, Founder and Creative Director; Alfre Wimberley, Project Manager; Wesley Willis, Data Manager; and Andrew Wilson, Lead Artist; along with members of a board.  In the future, Springclean is hoping to add SEO Specialists, Data Analysts, Social Media Coordinators, and Research Assistants.


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