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The Annual Fund is one of the Institute for the Environment’s key fundraising priorities. Donations from Carolina alumni, family, and friends allow the Institute to grow and enhance various environmental programs that benefit students and citizens worldwide. Your donations are immediately used to help fund programs that don’t have another immediate funding source, which is what makes donations to the Institute’s annual fund so important. All donations – big or small – help ensure that the institute is a leader in environmental problem solving and education. We hope you recognize the importance of our annual fund and will consider donating to help us sustain our environmental programs.

Here are some examples of programs that are supported by the annual fund:

  • Environmental research programs that tackle complex problems and deliver solutions that serve global communities.
  • Outreach programs responsive to the needs of the citizens of North Carolina and beyond that channel information from Carolina’s environmental research to public policy and community well-being.
  • Scholarships for Carolina students pursuing research opportunities or participating in one of Carolina’s community-focused environmental field sites in North Carolina and abroad.

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