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Our Vision

We envision a world-renowned community at Carolina that is leading in innovative research, educating future leaders, and engaging the public to solve major environmental, energy, and development challenges.

Our Mission

To strengthen environmental research capacity across UNC by supporting a multi-disciplinary community of scholars that enhances collaboration, increases sharing of knowledge, and identifies solutions to the world’s critical environmental problems.

To work in partnership across UNC and with external partners to coordinate and deliver 21st century educational programs that provide students with the experience and skills to thrive in a growing global economy.

To put new environmental knowledge into action by engaging and serving
communities, here in North Carolina and around the world.

Our Values

As a research, educational, and service organization we hold these values:

• Interdisciplinarity in outlook; integration in practice
• Technical and scientific excellence
• Objectivity and non-partisan practice
• Service to the university, state, and society
• Inclusion and diversity in membership, partnership, and collaboration
• Transparency in decision-making and operations