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Opportunity Overview

Carolina’s undergraduate students expect excellence in both the classroom and through experiential learning. The Institute for the Environment has an ongoing legacy of facilitating transformational environmental learning experiences for Carolina students with our partners throughout campus. UNC offers students experiential education opportunities that are unparalleled within the University. Engaging students in a semester of transformative hands-on learning and research are key aspects of the experiences offered at all of UNC-Chapel Hill’s field sites. A partnership among the Institute, the Environment, Ecology and Energy Program and the Study Abroad Office, the field site program offers opportunities in North Carolina at the Outer Banks, Morehead City and Highlands and in Chapel Hill through the Sustainable Triangle Field Site. The program also has international sites. During these experiences, exceptional students often develop ideas and plans for independent research. However, funding those ideas is not always easy. Therefore, the Institute for the Environment is standing up an undergraduate Environmental Research Fund which will provide support for students to conduct and present environmental research.

Program Cost: The above opportunity can be funded through an expendable gift for a five-year period or annually through the creation of an endowment which will exist in perpetuity. Each option can be paid over a five-year period.

$125,000 expendable gift – Support five undergraduate student researchers for a semester in the fall for five years.

$500,000 endowment gift – Support five undergraduate student researchers for a semester in the fall in perpetuity. This endowment fund can be named the Ella Ann L. and Frank B. Holding Foundation Student Research Fund.