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Opportunity Overview

Millions of dollars of resilience research are conducted every year in North Carolina alone. Translating research results into utilizable information for decision-making is improving. However, identifying opportunities for commercial ventures revealed by research projects remains an opportunity. The IE will host graduate students whose focus will be cataloging and analyzing completed resilience research projects and looking for results, processes, or models that could be translated into a commercial venture.

Program Cost: The above opportunity can be funded to support a graduate student for one year or for multiple years. Each opportunity can be paid over a five-year period. A named fund opportunity such as the Ella Ann L. and Frank B. Holding Foundation Graduate Commercial Venture Fund can be an option for all of the funds and additional donations can be added prior to the depletion of funds.

$50,000 expendable fund – Support one graduate student for a year

$100,000 expendable fund – Support one graduate student a year for two years

$250,000 expendable fund – Support one graduate student for five years