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This UNC event is now the largest clean tech conference of its kind in the Southeast. The 2020 Summit, set for February 20 – 21 will feature a diverse mix of tracks including: Circular Economy, Ag Tech, The Rise of Energy Storage, Transforming Our Transportation Systems, Our Rapidly Evolving Energy Landscape, Blue Tech and Smart + Resilient Communities.  Registration is now open.

regenerative ag

Track Spotlight: Technology for Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative agriculture is the practice of improving the soil through agricultural practices. Besides cover cropping and no-till practices, there are technologies that encourage, promote, and drive regenerative agriculture. We will hold five panels that will address these technologies; panel members represent diverse sectors in the ag industry from academia to start-up companies, NGOs, government funding and established companies.

Here are the Ag Tech panels for the upcoming Clean Tech Summit:

Carbon Farming—How can growers contribute to and get compensated for carbon sequestration as a means toward addressing climate change? Cristine Morgan from the Soil Health Institute will be the panel lead.

Internet of Things—How is the Ag community harnessing remote sensing with respect to climate challenges? Jim Reed of Reed Ag solutions will be the panel moderator.

Resiliency—What technologies can improve crop growth in a changing climate and improve sustainability of agriculture? Susanne Kjemtrup of Phyta Biotech Consulting will be the panel moderator.

Nutrition Technology for Regenerative Ag—How will diets need to change in a changing climate and what technologies are being developed? Sheetal Shah, a consultant in innovative food systems will be the panel lead for that panel.

Consumer and Agriculture—The consumer voice concerning the origins of their food is getting louder, asking for sustainable options in the grocery store. How are companies responding? Who represents that voice?  David Yates of UNC will be the panel lead for this panel.


Panelist Spotlight

Matt Russell UNC Clean Tech SummitMatt Russell, executive director of Iowa Interfaith Power & Light

In June, Matt Russell co-authored a New York Times Opinion article titled, “Our Small Towns Are Toppling Like Dominoes’: Why We Should Cut Some Farmers a Check.” The subhead read: For pennies a meal, the federal government can incentivize better environmental services. Russell will share his insights with attendees as a member of the Carbon Farming panel at the 2020 UNC Clean Tech Summit at the Friday Center in Chapel Hill.

About Matt Russell: He has spent his career working in non-profits and advocating for social justice. He spent the first 11 years training for and working in ministry and the last 16 years doing secular work focused primarily on economic and environmental sustainability. He is energized to be drawing on his diverse background to lead Iowa IPL since April 2018. Learn more about Iowa Interfaith Power and Light.

Story by Kiersten Williams, Project Manager, UNC Clean Tech Summit



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