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Keener Straub

Margaret Keener is a graduate student in the UNC Department of City and Regional Planning.

Jessie Straub is a graduate student in the UNC Department of Marine Sciences.

We both had the opportunity to work with Christian Kamrath and fellow graduate student members of the Carolina Hazards and Resilience Planners (CHRP) student group to co-organize the 2018 UNC Climate Change and Resilience Symposium on April 20, 2018.

This year’s symposium was a unique event in that it combined the 5th annual UNC Climate Change Symposium led by faculty members of the Carolina Climate Change Scientists and the 2nd annual Resilience Symposium organized by CHRP.  The symposium was also supported by the Coastal Resilience Center of Excellence, Institute for the Environment, and the Carolina Seminars Program.

The symposium served as a venue for students to present their research, facilitate discussions around climate change and resilience, and connect those across the university involved in climate change and resilience work.

The symposium included a keynote speaker, two expert panels on climate change communication and rural disaster recovery and Hurricane Matthew, and a poster competition highlighting climate related student and faculty research across the University. Leading practitioners, researchers, students, local government representatives, and community organizers came together for a rich discussion about climate change, hazards, and resilience.

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