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By Britanny Baporis and Andrew Jacober

Britanny Baporis is a senior at UNC-Chapel Hill double majoring in Environmental Science and Geography.

Andrew Jacober is a senior at UNC-Chapel Hill majoring in Environmental Science with a minor in Computer Science.

According to the Smart Cities Council a “smart city” is defined as one in which information and communication technology enhances the livability, workability and sustainability of that specific place. Increasingly how “smart” a city is affects how it is viewed by businesses looking to locate new facilities and even impacts how residents and visitors view the quality of life in the city.

In the fall of 2017 we were part of a team of undergraduate students at Carolina who set out to learn both the state of cleantech projects in the Triangle through municipal data collection and how the cities in the Triangle would fare when measured against a metrics system for analyzing smart cities.

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