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By Grant Parkins

Grant Parkins is the Watershed Education Coordinator with the UNC Institute for the Environment.

The UNC Environmental Resource Program (ERP) has teamed up with a UNC researcher on a NASA-funded project designed to better understand how the volume of water in Eastern North Carolina’s lakes is changing.

ERP staff member Sarah Yelton and myself are working with Tamlin Pavelsky, an associate professor of geological sciences at UNC, on the “Lake Level Monitoring Project.”  The project is focused in eastern North Carolina, specifically studying eleven lakes clustered in three areas:

  • Hyde and Washington Counties in northeastern North Carolina;
  • the Croatan National Forest; and
  • Bladen and Columbus Counties in the southeastern part of the state.

As part of the project ERP is partnering with state parks, national wildlife refuges, Croatan National Forest, and private landowners to place lake gauges in each of the lakes.  A lake gauge is a simple ruler-type tool that is installed in the lake on a dock or free standing post, where lake height measurements can be made.

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